It is all about Leadership

Personal Development
Many, if not most of the world's top leaders have some form of personal coach, consultant, or advisor. They recognize the fact that we all need personal development to bring out our best and true potential. How about you? Now you can experience Soulthentics Life Consulting first-hand and risk free by simply asking for a free 20 minute session. (Offer is limited.)
Ministry Development
Ministry leaders come under extraordinary pressures as a result of ministering to others. They have to face unique challenges that often leave them alone and frustrated. The number of ministry leaders that burn out, and the number of churches that close is evidence of a lack of appropriate leadership training to equip ministry leaders to face a changing world.
Leadership Development
Leadership is an essential ingredient for success. An organization will always be limited by its leaders. The potential of an organization seldom (if ever), exceeds the potential of its leaders. Leadership development has a profound impact on relationships, organizational stability, vision-casting, decision-making, and the bottom line. The greatest incvestment? Invest in leadership.
Soulthentics leadership training is designed to equip leaders, life-coaches, entrepreneurs, and personal consultants. A Soulthentics license and certification may be completed in approximately six months to a year. The program is suitable for self-motivated people who want to build a business in life-coaching or consulting, by helping people reach their true potential.
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I Live in the Real World

I know that I need to learn effective leadership to deal with the real world. Effective leaders know how to build relationships, negotiate deals, create businesses and succeed where others fail. I was not born to fail. I was born to succeed. I was born to lead. I live in the real world.

My Leadership Development

Soulthentics is for leaders like you, who want to take their leadership skills to an extraordinary level.
Every person is born with a God-given gift and passion. Leadership development is the key that brings these gifts into their fullness, rather than leaving them buried in the sand. Soulthentics life-coach training and certification is specifically designed to help you turn your God-given gifts and passion into a marketplace ministry.
Ministry leaders come under extraordinary pressures and have to face totally unique challenges, that few understand. The evidence of a lack of understanding and an inability to cope with a changing world is seen in the number of ministry leaders that burn out, and the number of churches that are closing their doors. Call us!
The typical business model is based on a competitive mindset that effectively sets people against each other for the sake of profit. By contrast, we promote another paradigm in which is business as a ministry - in service of our communities. This is a paradigm with greater potential, greater rewards, and greater satisfaction.
Greater Impact
Most people experience less than 1% of their true potential. This is often a result of negativity, fear, and simply not knowing what they don't know. Your true potential is probably 100 to 1000 times greater than you imagine. Soulthentics leadership training helps to unlock the greater potential within your person, relationships, ministries, and business.

"Leaders set the size and shape of every organization. An organization's potential is only limited by its leadership"

- Guy Morrell-Stinson.

How Soulthentics will Impact Your Life

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It is all about My Impact

The choice is simple; learn to make an impact, or be impacted by others!

Leadership is all about impact. A leader without the ability to make an impact is not a leader. The sad truth is that many people, such as pastors, elders,and Christian business leaders, are placed into unfair situations that they do not know how to handle. This is often not their fault, but the effect of a lack of proper support and training. The impact on their lives, their ministries, their businesses, and their relationships can be devastating.

One of the greatest investments you can make in your life, is to develop your leadership skills. As you develop your leadership abilities, you will begin to learn to discern with greater accuracy. Your ability to see opportunities and strategies will increase. You will become better at finding solutions when others fail. As your leadership skills increase so will your ability to communicate well so that you become a better negotiator, with the power to influence people's lives for good. These qualities can all be learned with the help of the top-class leadership training, coaching, or mentoring that we offer to a select few.


Free Consultation

Contact me (Guy Morrell-Stinson) to ask for a free first consultation. I do not hype, pressure, or spam and am fully commited to serving each person with dignity and respect. Free consultations are available on a first-come first-serve basis and are limited to the time I set aside for free consultations on a week-by-week basis. I am available to consult internationally via Skype. I can be contacted via my Facebook's and Linkedin's private messaging systems.

Guy Morrell-Stinson: Visionary and Founder

Guy Morrell-Stinson is a visionary leader and the founder of several projects that help develop servant-leaders around the world.

Helping church growth and church planting through leadership training.


"Guy Morrell-Stinson has an extraordinary gift to help human beings reach their full potential to be the person God made them to be. I also highly recommend him as a leadership development trainer for your organization. He is THE teacher who can guide your people toward positive change." - TH (USA)

"The annointing of peaceful, practical wisdom and insight are obviously with you (Guy). You have such an important message to share, and a profound vision. It is an honor to know you. Please let me know if I can serve you in any way." - KM (Canada)

"Guy is a man of deep integrity, insight, and wisdom - far beyond his years. I am glad to have known Guy as a young man and also as a close friend of his family. I have no reservations about recommending Guy, as I have personally received and benefited from his quiet, but valuable advice." - DS (South Africa)

"Surely, I consider you to be my mentor and guide. I will always look to you to help develop my vision for leaders in Africa. God has blessed you with a great gift of speaking and teaching. When you came to Kenya to train our leaders, you did not speak for an hour and then disappear to a safari like many other leaders. Instead you gave us many days of your time and asked for nothing in return. This impressed us greatly." - PM (Kenya)

"Guy Morrell-Stinson is a new paradigm thinker. His wisdom soars as he trains people about their soul and when coaching with him the breakthroughs come easily because he teaches people how to access their inner truth. He has mastered what drives and motivates people. After training with him I would highly recommend attending his courses and getting personally coached. Guy creates a space for people to bring out the best in themselves and live their purpose. I am personally grateful for the way he has helped me in my life. He is one of the most authentic people I have ever met and his wisdom is unsurpassed. Guy makes the world a better place. " - NB (USA)

"Leaders set the size and shape of every organization. An organization's potential is only limited by its leadership."

- Guy Morrell-Stinson.

Soulthentics is for Christ-centered leaders who want to take their leadership skills to extraordinary levels.

"Those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint."
Isaiah 4:30-31 (NIV)