"And what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul? Is anything worth more than your soul?" - NLT


Who is the founder of the Soulthentics Consulting Certification Program (ISCCP)?
A: Guy Morrell-Stinson. Guy has served as an elder, written several books, trained leaders and coaches, and much more. Guy is a visionary thinker and a profound teacher, across many disciplines.

What organization is the ISCCP affiliated with?
A: The ISCCP is not affiliate with any organization other than with The Church that Jesus Christ established. Jesus Christ came to establish His Church, not a denomination, or some form of man-made organization or society. As such, our aim is to be as true as possible to that which Jesus Christ established. Our goal is to support that which is as close to the heart of God as possible. We do this in service of all organizations, churches, and denominations, that seek to align with the heart of God and the will of Jesus Christ. We are here to serve The Church as a whole, not pick sides. Our ministry is a ministry of reconciliation.

Who sponsors the ISCCP?
A: The ISCCP is a ministry of The Church Today (http://TheChurch.Today), to The Church as a whole. The Church Today's primary mission is not to build buildings, or form corporations, but to serve the Church as a whole through teaching programs, and various initiatives, that are designed to bring growth to the Church as a whole. The Soulthentics Consulting Certification Program is an example of one such initiative.

What is your theology based on?
A: To believe God's Word, and His redemption through Jesus Christ, and to obey His commandments. It is not about us. It is about Him.

What about accreditation?
A: We are not associated with accredited, or accrediting bodies at this stage. This may change in future. If so, the information on this website may be updated to reflect the change. The following explanation is a matter of opinion only and should not be construed as legal advice:

Accreditation is required for certain professions and career paths, such as psychology, counseling, medicine, and so on. Our program fits into none of these pathways. We are a ministry program, in service of Biblical ministries. However, we are working on certification standards through WorldwideCertification.com, which is a ministry that is likewise designed to set certification standards for Biblical ministries. Again, this is a ministry in service of Biblical ministries. This is not the same as traditional accreditation, such as is found in the universities, or college systems, or similar. This is completely separate, and completely independent from such systems. This also means that credits earned with us, will probably not be transferable to traditional systems. However, we do believe that there is a place for an entirely separate accreditation system for ministries to recognize stands common to ministries. We will be inviting more and more ministries, and ministry experts to come and join our standards. Updates will follow accordingly.

A question to consider, is if you need accreditation at all? Why do you want accreditation? Accreditation has certain value, and certain limitations. Some career pathways simply do not require accreditation. As an example entrepreneurs create their own pathways, even though they may have no accreditation at all. Many do extremely well, which means that in some cases, formal accreditation may be redundant. Although many countries do not require accreditation from coaches or consultants, some laws may apply to your situation, and it may be necessary to prove that you are qualified to fill your role. In such a case it would be wise to talk to an attorney, and have some sort of proof that you have received appropriate training, and earned an appropriate qualification. Our objective is to offer quality training for Soulthentics Consultants, and an appropriate certification, and license to allow for the use of the designation 'International Soulthentics Consultant and Practicioner', (ISCCP) after your name.

Is (International) Soulthentics Consultant's program a legally accredited certification?
A: As per the previous question and answer, there are NO laws which establish an accrediting body for the coaching profession. This may change from time to time, and as such you should consult with an attorney. (Please note that our statements are not legal advice.) However, with the above in mind, we are leading the way with the setting of certification standards within the ministry world, through the development of WorldwideCertification.com. As such, those who successfully complete our program may receive a printed hand signed Worldwide Certificate from WorldwideCertification.com

What is the value of a Worldwide Certification from WorldwideCertification.com?
A: There are many answers to this question. Here are a few:
  • You will have proof of effort, excellence, recognition, and achievement.
  • Successful participants will be listed in an international directory of Soulthentics Consultants, that may be referenced to verify your status.
  • You will have completed a program that is unique, proprietary, and that few are qualified in.
  • You will have a unique niche, a powerful vision, and an exclusive place of authority and leadership.
  • You will join an elite fellowship of Soulthentics Consultants, who have a unique perspective.
  • You will have a 'rarity' factor, because this is a ground floor opportunity in a new field of expertise.
  • You will be able to hold your professional head up high, and attach the letters IMCP to the end of your name.
  • Etc.

Do you offer group, or family discounts?
A: In a sense. Discounts are typicallyassociated with something that is sold. We are not selling our program or services. We do much to simply help others free. However, we also need to butter our bread and pay our rent. With this in mind we do ask that you consider gifting to our ministry in accordance with the value you have received, equal to market value. In the case of immediate family members wishing to participate, we do not expect anything extra. However, you should keep in mind that such participants will be held to a higher standard and removed from the program, if they are showing signs of being less than 100% committed. This is to be wise stewards of our resorces.

What if I can't afford the program?
A: Speak to us. If the heart is willing, and the commitment is genuine, we can find some way to make this work. However, we do not offer our program for free, because years of experience have shown that 'free' is seldom respected. Therefore, we do expect a genuine demonstration of return of value back to us, from our participants.

How do payments take place?
A: Payments are viewed as donations. These may take place online via PayPal. In the event that PayPal is a problem, payments may be made by cash or check. If PayPal accepts your credit card, you can pay that way, and pay off your card at your convenience.

Can I pay by installments?
A: As per the previous answer, payments are conducted through PayPal. If you use your credit card, you can repay your credit card at your convenience. In addition, our training programs are comprised of several courses. In other words, you can pay per course, as you progress through the program. In a sense this is like paying in installments, that suit your pace and circumstances.

Do I need a degree or similar qualification, before I can start?
A: No. Any adult who is a confirmed, and practicing believer, and an active follower of Jesus Christ and His Word, may apply.

I am a Christian counselor. Is this program a good fit for me?
A: Absolutely! We are completely confident that the International Soulthentics Certified Consulting Program (ISCCP) will add immense value to your practice.

Is the training practical?
A: Yes. As an example, if you decide to do the Leaders-Worldwide.com Ministry Track, one of the practical assignments is for you to lead a leadership group of your own to build you as a leader in the real world. Their are other practical assignments as well. Do not worry, we will be there to support you.

Must I pass a test to receive my certification?
A: Yes, this helps us to ensure that standards have been met, and that our training has been effective. There may be a small testing and certification fee, that is payable at the time of the test. The tests are not designed to to trick you, but to find out what you know in an easy to answer format.

Do I need annual renewal or certification?
A: Yes. Although your initial certification is a lifetime license, you do need to renew your license and do appropriate training to ensure that you stay up to date with the latest knowledge and developments. Your initial certification is a level 1 certification. Your ongoing training will help you to move on to higher levels of certification.

What equipment will I require?
A: You will need a good Internet connection. High speed is preferable. You should also have Skype installed. In addition, you should be able to watch online videos such as on YouTube.

What is the difference between a ISCCP consultant and a counselor, or psychologist?
A: ISCCP consultants do not diagnose illnesses, (mental or otherwise). Nor do they offer treatments. An ISCCP consultant is trained to simply ask probing questions that lead to their clientsto the gaining of their own insights.

Do you accept all applications for the Soulthentics program, and what do I do next?
A: No. We do not accept all applicants. Applicants need to qualify:

The first step is to join our Linkedin group (The Church Today) and send us a message. This is important. The way you interact there tells us a great deal about you. This is a part of the application, and evaluation process. The second step is to complete the application, as found on the Application page.

Do you offer refunds?
A: Yes, but only up to 7 days after the completion of a specific course. If you want a refund for a specific course, simply ask for it within 7 calendar days, and we will refund your fee in full for the specific course in full, with no questions asked. This is subject to a limitation of 30 days from the start of a program. All courses must be completed within 30 days of the date of purchase to qualify for a refund. Please note, that this refers only to the course or courses that you have paid for, and does not refer to an entire program that may contain several courses. Refunds are offered on a per individual course basis only.

What is the total liability towards me, if I do the Soulthentics Consulting program?
A: None whatsoever, except for a full refund of the monies paid by you for the courses you have paid for, and nothing more - (as per the terms stated above). This is one of our terms, which you will represent to us that you accept in full, when you proceed with the application.

If there is a dispute between us, how will this be resolved?
A: Since this is a Christian ministry, subject to the Jesus Christ and The Word the Bible, both parties covenant and agree that they will not use legal means beyond the following:
1. We will notify each other of the dispute in writing; stating the date, problem, and proposed resolution. 2. We will attempt to resolve the issue with reasonableness, and an attitude reflective of Jesus Christ, whom we are supposed to represent. (The settlement will be recorded in writing, and no further action or liability will be incurred, demanded, or be required of either party.) 3. Failing which, we will call in a panel of elders and pastors, or similar spiritual leaders to preside over a meeting with us in order to settle the matter. (The settlement will be recorded in writing, and no further action or liability will be incurred, demanded, or required.) 4. Failing which, the presiding panel may call for arbitration. The arbitrators's ruling will deemed to be fair, final, and legaly binding in that no further legal action will be entered into by either party, beyond the arbitrator's ruling. (The settlement will be recorded in writing, and no further action or liability will be incurred, demanded, or required.)

Can my certification be withdrawn or denied?
A: Yes, in certain circumstances, where there is a clear departure from our values, standards, and practices, so that the standards we require, or what we represent is no longer being upheld by the holder of the certificate. However, this is unlikely.

Terms and definitions: Is there a difference between the terms "Soulthentics Consulting" and "International Soulthentics Consulting Program"
A: We use terms such as "Soulthentics Consulting Program," and "Soulthentics Consultant Program" interchangeably. Similarly, we use terms such as "International Soulthentics Consulting Program," and "Soulthentics Consultant Program" interchangeably. This applies unless specifically stated otherwise.

I don't know you. I want to get a better feel of who you are and what this is about?
A: That is understandable. Simply subscribe to our news list, or respond to an invitation to attend a webinar. Either way, you will receive an invitation to an online webinar when one is scheduled. You will be able to get a better feel for what we do there.

"Leaders set the size and shape of every organization. An organization's potential is only limited by its leadership."

- Guy Morrell-Stinson.